Sew your linen owl toy

Sew your linen owl toy

We are very excited to share our unique design linen owl toy tutorial. It is super cute and very quick to make.

For your little project you will need:

-> Plain linen fabric (will be used for owl background)

-> Dotted linen fabric

-> Patterned linen fabric (will be used for owl wings)

-> 3 different colors of felt

-> Various colors sewing thread

-> Owl body filling

-> Sintepon

-> White strong paper for owl pattern

-> Sewing pins



1. Crop owl pieces from white paper sheets (Once completed it should look like in the picture below):

Owl Pieces:

Body, Wings, Legs, Eyes, Nose, Belly


2. Use your already made pattern and crop all necessary owl details from linen and felt fabrics. Don't forget to leave 0.7 inch width edge!

Note: you will need following amount of each piece: 2x body, 4x wings, 2x legs, 2x small circles, 2x big circles, 1x eye background


3. Crop additional wings filling from sintepon using already made wings pattern:


4. Put two right pieces of owl wings together as shown below. On top attach sintepon wing filling. All 3 layers then should be stitched with small sewing pins. Now you can sew all  layers together. Note: Don't forget to leave open inner side because it will be used to tip out wings to the right side.

5. Sew small eye circles on top of big ones, then sew these items on top of eye background.

6.  Take owl linen body and sew all already made pieces: eyes block, nose, belly and legs as shown below:

7. Pin wings on top of the body and sew them together:

8. Put right sides of the body together and pin them. Once it is done, sew it leaving small space at the bottom:

Note: It is very important that bottom sewing line would be higher that owl legs line. Also don't forget to put wings inside the owl otherwise you are risking to sew them together.

9. Stuff owl using any of soft fillings that you have on hand. Once it is done, sew the bottom by hand.

Your owl toy is completed. Enjoy! It will be a nice gift or your home interior decoration.

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