Linen bags make our kitchen space unique

Linen bags make our kitchen space unique

„Living space interior is very import for a good mood and affects how we feel“  That was said by one of the home interior designers.  Today we would like to feature kitchen as separate area and mark some tips of how linen fabric products can be a part of natural living space. It is not a secret that we all face an issue when something needs to be organized. For that reason linen fabric pouches could make a trick. Linen  gives a natural feeling and is also very practical in such case. Usually it resists the dirt and ensures good air flow throughout the finished products like pouches. Because of these reasons linen pouches are perfect for keeping dried herbs, various beans, rice or anything else similar to that.


Because of big variety of linen fabric colors and prints it can be used in any type of interior. Here are some bags with prints that could be used in mostly light kitchen design:


If your living space contains dark colors then there could be some bags with strips or darker pattern:



Some designers imply for very intensive colors in order to feature one or two elements. For that purpose linen bag could be design as follow:



If bag is empty, it can also be left on the shell and will look also very nicely. You can iron using a little bit of water. In this way it will look like it is just made.

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