There are a few tips that you should know about fabric care:

Linen fabric- Is made of natural linen fiber. It is easy to wash and care. Because of its structure linen dries very quickly. It is strong therefore same linen product can be used many years. However depending on fabric structure and thickness it can shrink up to 7% percent after first wash (The softer and thinner it is the more it shrinks). However we do offer medium weight linen fabric which contains 50% cotton therefore shrinkage rate is very low. Recommended washing temperature is up to ~35 C or 100 F. If you are washing this first time it is recommended to keep it separately from other items. To keep natural color it is recommended to keep it protected from direct sun light while drying.  Ironing should be done while fabric is wet.

Cotton fabric- Is made of cotton blooms fiber. It is daily use fabric that is usually mixed with polyester. This synthetic fiber ensures better strength of the fabric. We  are selling 80% cotton/20% polyester fabric which is suitable for any craft you can imagine. We recommend to wash our cotton products up to 60 C/ 140 F. There is no other special tips for this fabric.